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Our lab provides an environment where students, Fellows, visitors and academic staff are encouraged to think laterally, question, criticize, to be open to ideas and to enjoy! Novel research is exciting and when applied in fundamental or applied context is personally rewarding in all kinds of ways. We believe that the good research often follows from benefiting from the different strengths of people with different backgrounds and expertise, and almost all our research is team-based and projects are usually interconnected. If you like being part of the team and enjoy success, whether you are the main player or not, and if you enjoy a good argument because you know you will learn, you enjoy receiving critique and can provide it constructively, if you take pleasure in watching the achievements of your colleagues and want them also to participate in yours, then you will enjoy our lab. You will learn a lot, in research, collaborations and life!

The Plant Development Lab takes the wellbeing and safety of all students and staff very seriously.  The ethics and safety section of this website contains more details. 

UQ policies on research and research training apply to all staff and students working in the lab.

Prospective PhD Students

Click here for more information on commencing your PhD with the Plant Development Lab.

Prospective Honours Students

Honours students enrolled in BIOL6502: BSc(Hons) Research in Biol Sc are welcome to discuss potential projects with the Plant Development Lab (see “Projects” on this website for some ideas)

Fellowship and Post-doctoral Positions

Funding oppourtunities exist for fellowships and post-doctoral positions in the Plant Development Lab.  Please discuss your plans with us before applying.

UQ Internal Grants:  (applications are generally due mid-year, you should begin perparations around the end of March)

ARC Fellowships:

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at the University of Queensland can enrol in the following courses which have project components:

  • BIOL3200 Advanced Topics and Applications in Plant Science
  • SCIE3240 Introduction to Research in Biology (SCIE3240)