Dr Francois Barbier



Ph. 3365 4821

Email  Dr Francois Barbier

Office: Goddard building (8) Room 150

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The main focus of my research is plant development, physiology and molecular biology. More precisely, I am studying the regulation plant shoot branching. During my PhD, I highlighted the involvement of sucrose during rose axillary bud outgrowth in France. In 2015, I joined Christine Beveridge’s lab at the University of Queensland to dissect the signalling pathways mediating the impact of sugars on shoot branching in pea and arabidopsis, and to understand how these sugar signals interact with hormone signals involved in axillary bud outgrowth. I also apply my skills in fundamental research to applied biology in macadamia, avocado and mango trees. The aim of this project is to have a better understanding of the tree physiology of these tropical and sub-tropical species in order to improve crop management.

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