Emma: Gaining the skills for a research career

I completed my honours in BSc in the Beveridge lab in 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed the year and found it both challenging and exciting. It felt like I learnt more in one month than I did during a full semester of classes! Honours year is a chance to put everything you have learnt in class into practice and try out the life of a full-time research scientist.

In my honours year, I worked on characterisation of a new branching mutant. I chose to study in the Beveridge lab because I enjoyed a project I undertook during a third year course. I found the lab group to be incredibly welcoming and supportive. Everyone is approachable and I felt comfortable to ask even the silliest of questions. Everyone works hard but also everyone knows when to celebrate progress and success – even the smallest triumphs earn praises! I was also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present my work at a conference, definitely a highlight of the year.

Since graduating, I have accepted a position as a research assistant with another lab group at UQ. The skills I have learnt during honours have been invaluable to helping me in my new job and the friendships and professional networks made will stay with me throughout my career. I hope to begin a PhD in the near future but for now I am enjoying the change of pace and the pay cheque!

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