Bethany: hands on experience puts studies in context

My first encounter with the Beveridge lab was in 2010 during my third year of undergraduate studies when I was given the opportunity to do a semester long research project with the lab. I had developed an interest in plant physiology during course lectures and was excited about the opportunity to actually conduct real research and see the results first hand.  Everyone in the Beveridge lab was extremely helpful and supportive, and always happy to spend time explaining and discussing things further if needed. The research was very interesting and always had lots of variation between lab experiments, glasshouse trials and field work. I enjoyed being challenged in the lab to continually develop new skills and broaden my understanding of plant hormones but never felt overwhelmed as the lab team were always very supportive.

After my undergraduate studies I continued working with the lab as a research assistant and thoroughly enjoyed being able to get involved in new research projects and build on the research I had done in my undergraduate project. I have since left the lab as I was given the opportunity to do a graduate program with the Australian Department of Agriculture; however, the knowledge and experience I gained from my time in the Beveridge lab have built a strong foundation for my career and I continually apply the skills I learnt in many aspects of my work with the Department.

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