Alex: Versailles to Brisbane gives new vision

I am a French PhD student in the IJPB-INRA institute from Versailles.

I visited the Beveridge lab for five months between October 2010 and February 2011 and it was a great experience for me. In France I work in the Catherine Rameau’s lab and my topic is the study of the strigolactone pathway. I use genetics and molecular biology approaches to understand actions of strigolactone on the bud outgrowth inhibition and find new genes in the strigolactone pathway. During my second year of Ph-D, I stayed in Brisbane for five months. I have learnt a lot because this lab has a wide knowledge of physiology experiment. It was very complementary to my French background. This lab has a very good new technology and equipment like robots and q-PCR

Moreover the team is very active and competent. During five months, I had a lot of scientific exchange on the strigolactone. We launched a new project between France and Australia. The team is very friendly, the work is attractive. And the UQ is a very nice place to stay with a lot of opportunities. And the UQ is in Queensland which is also called “the sunshine state”!!

Now, I am back in France and I have a new vision of my topic. I continue to work with the lab and exchange a lot. Furthermore we designed a new project together. I go on with my PhD and I hope to obtain some new good results to finish my thesis on time!!!

Thanks Beveridge lab!

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